Relance Logistique is your partner of excellence in project procurement functions.


At RL, we are much more than a team of consultants, we are visionary leaders and dedicated partners committed to the success of your major projects. Our expertise is unmatched, our dynamism is our driving force, and the youth of our team is our strength.

Our mission

To strengthen our leading position in the supply chain for major projects delivery and to train the next generation as well as future generations.

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Our specialists cover all functions of the supply chain, with deep knowledge of the current challenges of major project procurement on an international level.


To the pursuit of excellence

Our team is committed to being a model of efficiency, shaping the future of project procurement for generations to come.

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A dedicated and dynamic team

The experts are your resource to help you reduce purchasing, storage, and tracking costs associated with the supply of products and services for your projects.

Our services

Excellence in supply chain management

For major projects, we are much more than a team of consultants; we are leaders, visionaries, and dedicated partners committed to the success of your major projects.


Purchasing equipment and materials is the first step and must be carried out with precision and aligned with the strategy defined in the procurement plan.


At the heart of all successful projects lies an efficient supply chain, and our expeditors play a crucial role in it.

Formation/contract administration

Looking for a qualified professional to manage and optimize your procurement contracts?

Quality surveillance

Quality surveillance involves the control and assessment of equipment compliance with specified standards and requirements.

Transport logistics

Delivering materials on time for construction is one of the keys to success in your projects.

Coordination and material management

Material management is a key role in keeping track of all equipment and materials delivered to your construction sites.

About us

Our commitment to excellence

We firmly believe that excellence arises from the combination of exceptional skills, solid values, and unwavering commitment to our clients. Our ambition is to be the undisputed leader in our field. Our vision extends beyond individual success.

We aspire to positively influence the future of our industry by sharing our expertise, mentoring the next generation, and actively contributing to the evolution of best practices in procurement and contracts.

  - Martin Ouellet, President

Discover how RL can turn your challenges into opportunities and help you reach new heights in your sector.

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