About us

Relance Logistique Inc. is a firm specializing in consulting and personnel placement services. Our company offers integrated supply solutions that cover all links in the supply chain. The deployment of our services is mainly carried out within the framework of the execution of major projects.

Founded in 2021 by administrators with more than 20 years of experience in project execution, the firm ensures the flexibility of its services in line with client needs and the flexibility of processes to align with the execution philosophies of different projects.

Its clients are mainly world-renowned companies in mining and industrial industries. In addition, in the current context of the difficulties of the global supply chain, Relance Logistique Inc. is your partner of choice for the management of your supplies, from purchases to the final destination of the goods.

years of experience

Our mission is to implement good management of the supply chain, within the framework of project execution.

Our goal is to be the leader in supply chain management on major projects, and to be a model of execution for future generations.



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Know potential problems before they arise and solve them before they exist.


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To develop lasting alliances with our clients and promote the implementation of the best resources, with a vision that goes beyond a single project.


Supply chain management

Supply chain management makes it possible to establish a strategic approach and provides visibility on all the activities required to deliver on time, and within the allocated budget, the equipment and materials required for construction and maintenance. It also ensures that you have a contract strategy (installation and services) that is aligned with the needs of the project. The approach is to establish a procurement plan based on the project’s schedule and market conditions that will define the strategies and limits of the scope of work for each lot, both in purchasing and in contracts. Then, the performance indicators will make it possible to ensure that the plan is respected or will allow to quickly identify the gaps in order to set up action plans to realign towards the targets to be reached.


The purchasing of goods and materials is the first step and must be carried out with precision and in line with the strategy defined in the supply plan. The objectives of the buyer are to secure the manufacturing lead time with the suppliers, to provide the certified upstream information required to complete the engineering plans according to the planned schedule and to negotiate and put in place the commercial mechanisms necessary for a good execution of the lots (Incoterms, Warranty, Spare parts, Supplier supervision, Training, Limits of liability, Invoicing conditions, Payment terms, etc.).


Expediting is an essential function for the execution of a project which has an interest in meeting its deadlines. Reminder is the function of administering major purchase batches in order to enforce contractual agreements. The relaunch works hand in hand with engineering, construction and suppliers. Each lot purchase of a project must be administered, documented, monitored and managed in a way that is both uniform and based on the challenges of the projects. The follow-up function is carried out from the project offices, the suppliers' offices and the manufacturing workshops. At Relance Logistique Inc, we guarantee owners that they know in real time the progress of work in the workshop, anywhere in the world.

Workshop visits around the world

Over the years, the administrators of Relance Logistique Inc. have developed a contact network that covers most of the globe in terms of presence at manufacturers' workshops. Whether through its direct representatives or its agents, owners are able to obtain visibility in Asia, Europe, Australia and America. The reports resulting from the visits are clear, present photos and give the real progress of the work in the workshop.

Transportation Logistics

Delivering equipment on time for construction is one of the keys to project success. The preferred approach is to maintain control over transport logistics. Thus, at Relance Logistique Inc., we are of the opinion that transportation management allows cost savings, better budget control in addition to giving the necessary flexibility to meet construction deadlines. We are keen on Incoterms in favor of the buyer, such as FCA, factory. Our partners are leaders in the logistics industry, both nationally and internationally.

Material Management

Material management is the last link in the supply chain. This role is key to keep track of all equipment delivered to site. The person in charge makes sure to maintain an accurate register of all the documents (manuals), equipment and materials delivered. He must prepare the material reception reports for each delivery and make sure to quickly identify the shortcomings (materials delivered in excess, in less or with deficiencies). The reports will be used to prepare claims in the event of breakage or default and for the approval of invoices. The administrator will ensure the transfer of receipts to the various contractors.

Supply chain management tools and system

Relance Logistique Inc. has developed management tools related to the various links in the supply chain. These tools are integrated into the project execution processes. Because of its flexibility, the company works within the systems already implemented by the owners, for granting purchase orders, document control systems and equipment management modules.