Relance Logistique is your trusted partner in the field of consultancy services and specialized personnel placement in procurement.

Quality and excellence

Founded in 2021 by Martin Ouellet, RL has solidified its reputations as the undisputed leader in the supply chain for the execution of major projects. Our expertise in the field enables us to offer tailored solutions centered on the core values that define us: respect, integrity, collaboration, and loyalty.

Our company has developed expertise integrated across various links of the supply chain, demonstrated through project execution processes. Through its flexibility, the company operates within systems already implemented by owners, particularly for purchase order awards, document control systems, and material management modules. At RL, we understand that procurement efficiency is essential for the success of any major project.


Our mission at RL is to consolidate our position as a leader in the field of the supply chain for major projects. As a renowned strategic partner in the mining, industrial, aluminum, pulp and paper, and eolian sectors, we are committed to providing high-quality services at every stage of the process.


Furthermore, we are committed to training the succession and future generations. At RL, we strongly believe in the importance of passing on our expertise and experience to emerging professionals. By investing in skill development and providing opportunities for professional growth, we contribute to shaping the future of the procurement industry.

Our team consists of over 25 passionate and dedicated experts who are ready to take the most complex challenges and are committed to providing top-level solutions. Our collaborative and innovative approach enables us to exceed our client’s expectations while maintaining the highest standards of quality and professional ethics.

Whether you’re seeking strategic procurement advice, specialized staff, or technical expertise, RL is your trusted partner. We’re the preferred partner for managing your procurement, from purchase the final destination of goods.

Discover how RL can turn your challenges into opportunities and help you reach new heights in your sector.

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