Customized solutions in the mining and metals, aluminum, energy, and pulp and paper sectors, aimed at optimizing the supply chain.

Mining and Metals

Our expertise in the mining and metals sector enables us to deeply understand the project challenges within this industry, from prequalifying bidders to delivering equipment for construction. We offer customized solutions to optimize the supply chain, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency during project execution, all while adhering to the strictest environmental and health and safety standards. Our approach aims to strengthen sustainability and profitability for our clients in the mining and metallurgical sector.


In the aluminum industry, our company adds significant value by implementing procurement processes. We assist our clients in navigating the complexities of projects, particularly concerning post-award activities, all the way to the final equipment delivery. Our strategic and operational guidance, along with our technical expertise, ensure resource optimization and yield maximization.


The energy sector is at the heart of the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. We support this movement by providing project management and procurement services that increase efficiency and reduce logistical costs associated with eolian installation projects. Our customized solutions ensure a quick and efficient implementation of eolian projects, thus helping to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy.

Pulp and Paper

Our expertise in the pulp and paper industry enables producers to overcome challenges related to efficiency in project environments where the plant needs to be shut down for a short period. We offer innovative procurement strategies and post-award management solutions that ensure timely delivery of equipment for the work. Our purpose is to solve upstream procurement issues so that work proceeds as planned.

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