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The values of respect, mutual aid, and collaboration drive each project, thus creating a stimulating and fulfilling work environment for all ream members.


Work-life balance at RL is an essential principle aimed at balancing work demands with family life needs.

RL recognizes that for its employees to be fully productive and engaged, it is crucial to offer them the necessary flexibility to manage their personal and family responsibilities. This may include flexible work schedules, the option of working from home, extended parental leave, as well as employee support programs that help manage family obligations. By investing in the well-being of its employees, RL promotes a happier and more productive work environment, where employees can excel professionally while still having ample time for their personal lives.

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The flexible hours at RL are a strategy adopted to enhance employees’ work-life balance and increase job satisfaction.

This approach allows employees to choose their start and end of work hours within certain predefined limits, offering great flexibility to accommodate their personal and family commitments. For example, an employee could choose to start earlier to leave earlier, or vice versa, depending on what suits them best. This flexibility may also include the option to compress the workweek, working longer hours on certain days to have one or more additional day during the week. At RL, flexible scheduling is seen not only as a benefit for employees but also as a means to increase productivity and reduce turnover rates, creating a more dynamic and adaptable work environment.


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The opportunity for advancement at RL is a key component of its talent management strategy, aiming to motivate and retain employees by providing them with opportunities for professional and personal growth.

RL is committed to developing its employees’ skills through ongoing training, mentoring programs, and challenging projects that allow for the application of new skills. The company promotes a culture of performance recognition, where exceptional efforts and results are regularly identified and rewarded through promotions or increased responsibilities. Additionally, RL encourages its employees to express their professional aspirations to align them with available opportunities within the organization, ensuring that career paths are not only rewarding but also aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.


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Procurement package coordinator

Relance Logistique Inc.

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