At the heart of all successful projects lies an efficient supply chain, and our expeditors play a crucial role in it.

Our team of expeditors is there to meet your needs by guaranteeing the smooth running of operations.

Expediting is an indispensable function for the execution of projects that need to meet their deadlines. Our team has extensive expertise in the field of procurement, ensuring you high-quality services.

The role of the expeditor is to maintain close relationships with suppliers and ensure that orders are processed in a timely manner. They are also responsible for resolving procurement-related issues. Expeditors closely monitor ongoing orders, ensuring that each step of the process is effectively tracked, from initial confirmation to final delivery. In case of conflicts or issues with suppliers, our expeditors intervene promptly to find satisfactory solutions, thereby maintaining the robustness of your supply chain.

An expeditor can play a crucial role in optimizing the performance of your procurement. At RL, we guarantee owners real-time insight into workshop progress worldwide.

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